Silkscreen for Custom Printing of T-Shirts

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How hard is it to custom print my own t-shirts with a silkscreen?

Silkscreen for Custom Printing of T-Shirts

One of the most common methods of custom printing t-shirts is called ‘silk-screening'. My first experience with a silkscreen was at camp in arts & crafts. Silk-screening is a fun way to custom print any type of clothing and is easiest with t-shirts.

First, go to your local crafts store and see if they offer a silkscreen kit. Custom printing is very popular and many companies sell starter packages with everything you need. If your local store doesn't have any, don't worry. There are plenty of websites that can have one shipped to you very quickly.

Next, choose your design. Beginners at silkscreen will want to choose a design that is not too intricate, or they will soon hate the experience. Once you have your design, you are ready to begin. Not all silkscreen kits are made the same, so follow the instructions as provided with the custom printing kit you bought. Remember, custom printing with a silkscreen means using a razor knife and fairly toxic chemicals, so use safety precautions. You will have your own look done in no time!



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