How to Choose Your Catalogue Printing Format

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What format should I choose for my printed catalogue?

How to Choose Your Catalogue Printing Format

Design is art. From interior design of a house to the design of your company's marketing materials, the object is to attract the eye and push towards an action. The importance of style and design in catalogue printing is often overlooked by many companies.

While some companies spend dollar after dollar looking for the right design for their catalogue printing, many others still simply throw their products on the page. If you are looking for better return from the catalogues that you distribute, here are a few design tips to think about:

• Imagery – Are you backing your products up with a catalogue design that enhances their purpose? If not, think about using stronger imagery to reflect your products in your next catalogue printing order.

• Grab the Eye – Have you stuck with black and white for your catalogue printing to save on the higher costs involved with color? You may want to think again. Studies show that colors can attract a person's attention by setting images off from a page. This is in contrast to the natural reaction to single color, which makes the eye scan, rather than study.

• Product Focus – It is important to remember that your products should be the focus when it comes to catalogue printing. Do not put too many products in a single page—this will surely make it harder to direct the reader's attention to any single product you are looking to promote.

If you want better return from your catalogue printing and distribution, take design into account. It is not your prices or your products fault that you are not selling more; the answer may simply lie in a smarter design.



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