Professional Catalog Printing Essentials

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What should I look for from professional catalog printing companies?

Professional Catalog Printing Essentials

Finally, your company is ready to distribute a print catalog. Catalog printing is one of the most effective means of marketing a product line ever implemented. For companies with enormous amounts of products available, catalog printing and distribution allows you to equip your salespeople with a truly useful tool. What should you look for in a professional catalogue printing company? Here are a few things.

First, how many pages will your catalog be? Trick question. Depending on the catalog printing company you choose, there may be different styles available. These styles will change how many products are displayed on a page, which will inevitably influence the number of pages in your catalogue. When determining the size of your catalogue, you should first determine a budget and then price it out by page.

Next, after you have set your budget and gotten a feel for price, think of the quality for which you are looking. You can choose from many different types of paper, glosses, colors (even black and white). You can also select from different binding types that can enhance the quality of your catalogue. Staples and adhesive binding are the most common for catalog printing due to their low cost and their ability to be used on catalogues of many sizes. Make sure that the company you choose for your catalog printing has plenty of choices in styles and binding.

Lastly, choose your copy carefully. Catalogue printing is more than just putting product to paper. You are marketing—do not forget that. Get professional help in drafting your copy for your catalogue. The right description can make the sale easier and the wrong one can make it disappear. See if the catalogue printing company you have chosen can assist you with these efforts.



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