Origins of Commercial Printing

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What is a 'relief process' in commercial printing?

Origins of Commercial Printing

Ever wonder how books and newspapers were printed before there were the enormous printing presses that exist today? One of the oldest ways that commercial printing was performed is referred to as the ‘relief process.'

The relief process simply means that words, or a design, are first carved out of wood or another surface. The words or designs are raised and when ink is applied, they can be used as a printer. The relief process was originally used in commercial printing, but today is more used in many common printing devices that you don't typically think of as ‘printers'. Think of a rubber stamp.

The relief process was especially good for early commercial printing because of the consistent prints that it produces. Because of its ability to perform only shorter printing runs, over time it has been phased out. If you are looking for a commercial printing solution, look into advanced digital, or off-set press (lithographic) commercial printers. .



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