Choices of Paper for Business Card Printing

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What types of paper can I use for business card printing?

Choices of Paper for Business Card Printing

Business cards can be printed on many different surfaces. In the end, a person or company's business card printing is a matter or personal preference. However, preference can be limited in scope if you are not familiar with all of the options that are available.

Traditional business cards are printed on a heavy card stock paper. These cards are firm and last a while in a person's pocket or card holder. There is also glossy finish card stock that is available for business card printing—this high-gloss finish can make a card stand apart from others. They do not bend as easily and will also last far longer in the face of the elements around it.

In addition to high-gloss paper, there is now an available gloss with UV (ultra-violet) coating. This paper not only lasts longer sue to the heavy-gloss, but the UV protection also prevents your information from fading over time. These are just a few of the available choices for business card printing.

*It really comes down to a personal preference. Just be sure that you form your preference with all of the options in front of you.



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