Size & Stock - Keys to Brochure Printing

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In brochure printing, what do 'size' and 'stock' mean?

Size & Stock - Keys to Brochure Printing

If your business is ready to start a more aggressive marketing effort, direct sending of printed brochures can be a great tool. Brochure printing requires much research to determine what would work best for you. Of the many factors involved in brochure printing, size and stock are among the most important.

Size is the actual dimensions of a single page, bi-fold, tri-fold, or multi-page brochure. The size of your brochure will have a large impact on the project cost. In addition, the stock you choose will also make the price of your brochure printing project rise or fall. The stock is also referred to as the 'weight' of the paper. Choose the stock based on how heavy and thick you want your brochure to be.

*Choosing your size and stock are important factors in any brochure printing campaign. Consult with a printing company online to learn more about these keys to brochure printing.



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