Printing Images From Your Digital Camera

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How do I take images from my digital camera?

Printing Images From Your Digital Camera

Before taking a picture, determine the quality of an image and how it can be used in a layout. Use the highest quality setting available on the camera.

The pixel dimensions of an image identify the resolution. Dividing the pixel width and height by 300 determines the dpi. Divide by 400 for images with text. For example, if your digital camera image (with no text) equals 1200 pixels x 1600 pixels, 1200/300 equals 4 inches, 1600/300 equals 5.33 inches. So, the layout size for your image equals 4 inches x 5.33 inches. The image can print at this size or smaller for clear and crisp printing.

Digital cameras use the RGB color space. When RGB is converted to CMYK, images tend to darken. Brighten and sharpen your image for clearer printing. Convert the image to the CMYK color space, if possible. Professionals frequently use Adobe Photoshop for this task.



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