How To Scan Images for Print

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How do I calculate the resolution I must scan a photo at?

How To Scan Images for Print

Know the image size required for your layout before you scan—guess larger if uncertain. If the photo is larger than the layout size, simply scan at 300dpi. If the photo is smaller than the layout size, adjust your scanner settings (resolution and scan percentage size).

To calculate the resolution you must scan a photo at, increase the scanning resolution above 300dpi by the same percentage you will be enlarging the original photo. For example, if the photo measures 2 x 3 inches and the image layout size is 5 x 7 inches, 5/2 = 2.5 (you will be enlarging the photo 2.5 times, or 250%). Scan the photo at 2.5x 300dpi, or 750dpi.

*If you need to enlarge anything larger than 300% it is best to contact your local service provider for a professional scan.



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