Brochures and Flyers

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How do I get brochures and flyers inexpensively?

Brochures and Flyers

Brochures and flyers are printed marketing materials you can use to showcase your unique business offerings. Brochures are trifold pamphlets with simple, easy to read information, and are normally, information intensive with simple paragraphs. A brochure should show your business logo or image (like a photograph of your facility) on the front fold, followed by succinct information on the inside folds.

For example, a small family owned bed and breakfast in a historical building may want to dedicate an inside page of the brochure to the history of the building. A larger service business, like a sole proprietor investment service may want to explain the history of the owner and any special memberships or accomplishments.

Similarly, a flyer is a great way to showcase your business expertise, history, and special offerings. The difference is that a flyer is a single page of 'tight' information such as location, products, services, and special events, while a brochure is more useful for all-encompassing information. Both can be given directly to customers, passed out to potential customers (like at a business fair or sidewalk sale) or mailed directly to people.Creative online printing services like those found at can also design your brochures and flyers for you, then mail them to you or to a customer list.



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