Custom Calendar Printing

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Where can I find Custom Calendar Printing?

Custom Calendar Printing

Custom calendar printing is an easy way to create a unique personal or business gift that can be used throughout the year. Here are some tips when preparing your custom calendar printing experience.

  • First, you want to ensure that the margins and bleed areas are correct with an uploaded logo, photograph, or other image. The safe margin areas should be marked, anything outside of this area will not show up on the custom calendar printing. Bleeding is when the image extends to the edge of the document so there are no white borders when finalizing the custom calendar printing.
  • You will also want to follow the online printers instructions on ensuring that the colors shown on your computer are the same colors that will arrive with your custom calendar printing.
  • Color consistency varies with the print service and the type of software you are using. will have a guideline for helping you develop color consistency before you finalize the custom calendar printing order.
  • To ensure that your custom calendar printing will be readable, check the types of file formats accepted by your online printers. These may vary and can impact the final custom calendar printing document.



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