Package It with Presentation Folders

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How can I get a presentation folder made?

Package It with Presentation Folders

Marketing brochures, business cards, sales letters and flyers can stand out on their own, but sometimes you need to put them together in one complete package. Presentation folders can be the solution that lets you streamline a marketing package. Presentation folders tell clients everything from how to contact you to the highlights of a particular product. When creating presentation folders, you have a few options for getting the final product made:

  • Choose from a design template. You can work with a printer that carries template designs and then customize the presentation folders to represent your business.
  • Upload your own design. Design a presentation folder in-house to the specifications you want and then have the printer create the final product.
  • Have a graphic designer create the final product for you. That way, you end up with a professional presentation folder, custom-made to represent your business.



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