Your Guide to Envelopes

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What types of envelopes could I get to compliment my invitations?

Your Guide to Envelopes

Envelopes are an essential part of cards and invitations, yet are often an afterthought to the complete package. Getting the right envelopes can add an extra panache to custom invitations. For instance, consider adding colored envelopes instead of white ones. For invitations, you'll likely be using correspondence or announcement type envelopes. This guide will fill you in on the basics.

Correspondence envelopes – Correspondence envelopes come in a range of flap types. Some typical sizes include the 3-5/8”x6-1/2” #6-3/4 envelope, the 4-1/8”x9-1/2” #10 envelope with a square flap, and the 3-7/8”x7-1/2” Monarch envelope with a pointed flap.

Announcement envelopes – Announcement envelopes tend to have a more formal appearance. They come in “A” sizes or as Baronial envelopes. For instance, an A-2 size 4-3/8”x5-3/4” envelope would have a square flap. A size 4 Baronial 3-5/8”x5-1/8” envelope would have a pointed flap.



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