Office Etiquette for Greeting Cards

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What should I know about office etiquette when sending out greeting cards?

Office Etiquette for Greeting Cards

Sending out greeting cards to customers and clients during the holidays can be one way of strengthening a business relationship. However, it's important to know what proper office etiquette is so you don't end up inadvertently offending your business contacts. Here are five rules to follow.

1. Double-check to make sure you have the current address and contact information, so you don't end up sending greeting cards to an old address or worse – to the wrong address completely.

2. Allow plenty of time to make sure the cards arrive in a timely manner and not after the holidays.

3. Use proper titles, such as Mr., Mrs. or Ms., as opposed to an informal reference without titles.

4. Sign all the cards even if you have a preprinted message, in order to add a personal touch.

5. Avoid sending cards to a home address unless you know the contact personally.



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