No, I don't think I want fries with that, thanks

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How do I know if a printing shop is a good one?

No, I don't think I want fries with that, thanks

The printing industry has experienced a great deal of turnover due to small profit margins, leaps in technology have eliminated certain jobs and some people take over established shops because it looked like a fun thing to do.
A print shop is only as good as its pressman. That person will make or break your job because they will know how to deal with color breaks, humidity that makes paper difficult to run as well as how to run the press the right way.
The one who takes the job order is important as well. If they don't get the order right, you could end up with a flyer on legal size paper rather than on 8 1/2 by 11, which could cost you more. But if the person running the press needs to use your project as a guinea pig for their learning curve -- keep walking and find someone else who won't be chalking your project up as "experience".



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