Presentation Printing vs. Digital Files

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Should I print my presentation or send it as a digital file?

Presentation Printing vs. Digital Files

Another question that many business people and other companies might have is whether it's better to hand someone a printed version of their presentation, or to just send digital files. There are many things to consider about this question: first of all, we do know that sending digital files will save paper. This is both beneficial to the environment and cost effective. But, you do run the risk of people never receiving the digital file, or not knowing enough about the file type or software in order to open the file. It is often best to distribute at least a part of your presentation in a paper format, so that those attending your presentation will have a printed guide to refer to, and you can see that everyone has received the material. If you feel your materials are too numerous, or you want to cut costs – just distribute part of the information in print and refer attendees to the rest of the information in a digital file. One program that is excellent for this type of usage is Microsoft Powerpoint – as it is a common file type and most of your presentation attendees (as well as commercial printers) will have access to this software.



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