Presentation Printing – Booklets

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How can getting booklets printed help my presentation?

Presentation Printing – Booklets

Another item that can really help make your presentation more interesting is a booklet. Booklets, or books composed of handouts, can help the people to whom you're presenting follow along with a printed guide. A booklet also offers individuals something to refer back to after you've completed your presentation, so that way if they have any questions, they can see the answers in the booklet. Many different companies offer presentation booklet printing, and these booklets can range from just a few folded sheets of paper to a bound, thick book. No matter which type of booklet you choose, be sure to set up digital files that can be easily printed by your chosen printing company. A PDF (portable document format) file can be the easiest way to send your digital formatted booklet to a printer – that way, all needed fonts and graphics are already included in the file. You'll also want to make sure to see a proof, or sample copy, of your booklet before having all of them printed. It's your responsibility to make sure everything looks ok before you have the entire run printed.



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