Choosing a Home Photo Printer

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How do I choose a home photo printer?

Choosing a Home Photo Printer

If you've decided that you would rather print your digital photos at home, you'll need to decide which type of printer is right for your situation. Many color printers can run photo paper through their systems, meaning that they can be used both as regular printers and as photo printers. If you want superior quality, however, you'll need to purchase a dedicated photo printer. Photo printers are made to print at a higher resolution, which will make your photos come out looking more crisp and bright. They also can be made to just print on pre-cut photo paper – so you can purchase already formatted 4”x6” paper for these printers. A final thing to consider is cost; often, the cost of printing a digital photo at home on a dedicated printer can cost up to 30 cents per print, if you factor in the cost of the printer, paper and inks. Be sure to figure out whether purchasing a photo printer will be worth the extra cost (above how much it would cost to get your photos professionally printed).



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