Online Photo Printing - Film

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Can I get online photo printing from film?

Online Photo Printing - Film

Of course, not everyone who takes pictures these days uses a digital camera. Some people just prefer the look and feel of film loaded in a traditional camera. But what if you still want to take advantage of cheaper film developing prices, as well as online photo albums? Well, there are a few companies that are willing to develop film, and some will even put the photos on the Internet digitally for you. One such company is – they will send you prepaid mailers so you can mail them your film rolls, as well as give you a photo CD and upload your photos to an online photo album when you pay for developing. Other companies, such as Photoworks, also offer similar services to the film photographer – and while these services are not as cheap as getting digital photos printed, they are convenient and allow film photographers to have their pictures in a digital format as well.



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