Postcard Mailing Tips

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How much does it cost to mail postcards?

Postcard Mailing Tips

If you choose to use postcards for your business and need to mail them, there are some things you should know. Postcard printing itself is inexpensive and a good bargain - you can easily fit a lot of information onto a postcard, as well as create a memorable campaign while using colorful graphics and photos. Mailing postcards will also be inexpensive – but you will not get the bulk rate discounts that other types of mail get. You will be paying 24 cents per postcard to mail out your card via First Class Mail. This is a savings of 15 cents from the cost of mailing out an envelope (1 ounce) via First Class Mail. However, whereas the cost of mailing an envelope goes down considerably when mailed with a bulk rate, the cost of mailing a postcard does not change. If you are a non-profit organization (and registered with the Post Office) your postcard rate will decrease to about 13 cents a piece.



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