Postcards vs. Other Direct Mailing

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What are the advantages of using postcards versus other types of direct mailings?

Postcards vs. Other Direct Mailing

There are many advantages to choosing postcards for getting your point across instead of using other types of direct mailings. Postcards are generally cheaper to produce than other types of cards and brochures, thus saving you and your company money on printing expenses. The cost of mailing a postcard is also cheaper than mailing a traditional 1 ounce envelope – the cost is only 24 cents for a postcard versus 39 cents for a basic envelope. Postcard printing services are also easy to find; many different types of commercial printers and even copy stores are happy to create your postcard for you. Finally, designing a postcard is substantially easier than designing a brochure or even a folded card, it is only a matter of creating two sides of information.



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