History of Postcards

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What is the history of postcards?

History of Postcards

The use of postcards started in 1898, when the United States Post Office issued cards that could be sent with messages via the mail. The message was written on one blank side, and on the other postage was printed, as well as an address. By 1901, postcards were developed by private companies, and these cards had pictures or other information on the front and the address of the receiver on the back. Finally, by 1907, postcards gained the divided back that we see today – where an address could be written on the right side, and a message on the left. Today, postcards still subscribe to this format, but the information on the backside of the postcard can be printed as well as handwritten. The one consistency is the fact that the front is reserved for a message or photo, and the back is for the address (and additional message if necessary).



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