Homemade T-Shirt Screen Printing

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Can I make my own t-shirt with screen printing?

Homemade T-Shirt Screen Printing

It is possible to do your own t-shirt screen printing at home, especially if you'd like to pick up a new hobby. First, you'll need to obtain the supplies to make a silk screen, and the inks or dyes that you want to color your image with. Most of these items can be found at local craft or artist stores, or you can order them on-line from artist supply websites. You'll want to create a screen (there are many ways to do this, you can either make one by hand or print one from your computer, it's up to you and your pattern) – and then stretch and attach that screen onto a frame (making sure to account for the fact that silk screen materials often stretch). Once your silk screen is dry and ready to use, you'll want to apply the ink onto the screen (which you've placed onto the t-shirt) and squeegee it with a rubber blade onto the shirt. Take care not to use too much ink – the image may bleed. Remove the screen and allow the image to dry thoroughly before washing your shirt with the homemade t-shirt screen printing on it (make sure to read the ink manufacturer's directions for washing your new shirt).



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