T-Shirt Printing

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How does t-shirt printing work?

T-Shirt Printing

One of the most commonly silk screened items is the t-shirt. T-shirt printing has evolved steadily since the 1960s, when many manufacturers started to silk screen their shirts. Now, via the Internet, anyone can have their own design silk screened onto a shirt. Some companies will even allow you to print just one t-shirt of your design, with no minimums – but be sure to check before placing your order. Some of these companies even offer templates and design programs to allow you to design your shirt within their website. T-shirt printing is not limited to just one color of shirt, or one type of material either – although many people would argue that cotton makes the best material for a t-shirt, the silk screening process allows for different types of inks and paints to be screened onto synthetic materials as well.



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