Items That Are Typically Screen Printed

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What items are typically screen printed?

Items That Are Typically Screen Printed

There are many different things that can be screen printed. Usually, screen printing is done onto items that would generally not be able to run through a printing press. These include fabrics such as t-shirts, ceramics such as mugs and other dinnerware, and large canvases or other artist materials. Silk screening is especially popular these days on items such as coffee mugs, with many on-line stores offering the screen printing of photos onto mugs as gifts. These screened items are usually made up of many different colors, meaning that a variety of screens must be used to transfer different areas and blends of color onto the item. Other items that can be screen printed are other cloth items, such as tote bags, and even plastic items like pens – many of which are silk screened with logos and sayings so that they can be used as business giveaways.



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