Saving Money on Your Label Printing

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Haw can I save on label printing at home?

Saving Money on Your Label Printing

Anyone who has ever tried label printing at home can tell you that the actual labels can be pretty expensive. This is especially maddening when you have errors in alignment that cause you to flush entire sheets of labels down the drain. Here is some advice on how to save on your costs in label printing.

First, make sure that on any label printing project, you print a test sheet. Use a regular sheet of paper for this, the thinner the better. Once you have printed your test sheet, simply place it beneath one of your label printing sheets. You should be able to see through the labels well enough to tell if the alignment would have made for a successful print.

This simple exercise can save you countless lost sheets of labels. Label printing is expensive enough. Take the time to do this exercise on your next label printing project.



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