Envelope Printing for Mass Mailings

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Should I use custom envelope printing for my next mailing?

Envelope Printing for Mass Mailings

Any company that markets through mass mailings can tell you that the envelope printing can be the biggest hassle. It takes careful planning and quality control to ensure that your campaign has its best chance of success. Here are some things to look out for in envelope printing for your next marketing campaign.

First, how is your lead list? Are you confident in your addresses and other information? I hope so. The most errors occurring in envelope printing are from mistakes in the recipient's information. Because of the high costs of this type of campaign, you should be sure that your contact list is from a qualified source.

Also, will you be using bulk-postage or hand stamping after envelope printing? If you want to pre-print your bulk stamps, check with your printer to see if they can help. Sometimes, this is available in envelope printing and sometimes you will have to bulk stamp on your own.

Lastly, there is the obvious issue of design. Costs of envelope printing will be most affected by your choices of size, color, and decoration. These choices should all be framed around the point of your campaign. Look to your envelope printing company for design assistance from their knowledge and past experience.



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