Printing Companies - Is the Copy Fading?

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How has the Internet affected printing companies?

Printing Companies - Is the Copy Fading?

How many times would you say you read your newspaper a week? Now, how many times do you read the news online? If you are like many, the Internet and television have become your source for daily knowledge. Many believe that these advances must have devastating effects on printing companies. However, these advances have had residuals that are keeping printing companies plenty busy.

At the heart of online newspapers and the like, was the want to reinforce sales of printed copy. This has worked to an extent; however, printing companies have found other ways to take advantage of the situation. The web is not exclusive to news, and printing companies have begun working with those sites that were born on the web. These sites are reversing the traditional process.

Many websites providing news, tips, or information are exploring sending a hard copy of their newsletter to their users. Printing companies have seen a boost in these types of orders and it is doing well. In fact, printing companies, today, are as successful as ever and expanding their operations to include more variety of printing for magazines, etc. Bottom line, when it comes to big industry being hit by the advances in the ‘information age', don't worry, printing companies aren't going anywhere.



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