Comparing Commercial Printing Companies

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How do I compare commercial printing companies?

Comparing Commercial Printing Companies

Any sound business decision is only reached after careful consideration and comparison. If you are searching for commercial printing companies to fulfill your business needs, be sure to compare apples to apples. Here are some specific comparison points that you should take into account.

• Delivery Times – Many commercial printing companies have a long backlog, which causes job completion to linger. Make sure that when you are making your selection, you get realistic expectations as to job turn around time.

• Quantity Capabilities – Depending on the size of your job, commercial printing companies may or may not be able to even fulfill it. Many smaller printing companies cannot handle larger jobs. Be sure to ask what the maximum run capability is of each printing company.

• Design Assistance – If your needs include moving into a new form of print media, you may be unequipped to design your project on your own. Many commercial printing companies can provide design assistance at an additional cost. Some even include this in their overall costs. Ask if design assistance is available to you.



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