Using Your College Printing Service

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Why do I have issues with my college printing service?

Using Your College Printing Service

Any university student knows that printing can become a great cost. Many universities now offer a student printing service included with their tuition and other costs. All of these systems are designed differently, but they are invaluable and should be looked into if you are a student needing to take advantage of any printing service provided.

Often, a university printing service works on a credit system. A student is allotted so many credits with which they can print in any given semester. If your college offers a printing service based on credits, look into exactly how many you have and the best way to track them. It is easy to lose count, so come up with a system and stick to it.

As was said above, all university print services are designed differently. Check with your academic advisor or a library technician to investigate your options. Don't make any unnecessary trips to Kinko's in the middle of the night anymore.



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