Presentation Folders -Present Potential Bias

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Why aren't custom presentation folders allowed with my thesis paper?

Presentation Folders -Present Potential Bias

Not everyone can afford the same things. In scholastic arenas, teachers try to keep the playing ground as even as possible. Because of this, in mass assigned projects such as thesis or final papers, using custom presentation folders is discouraged. Some students may be able to shoot the moon when it comes to decorating and designing their presentation folders, while other students cannot.

Because of the effect that custom presentation folders can have on the evaluation of any project or proposal, many teachers do not want to allow for the appearance of any bias. In order to keep from one student saying that their grade was worse because they could not afford to do what another student did, teachers will often restrict the customization of presentation folders for their class.

Be sure to ask your teacher or professor what their policy is on presentation folders. They may allow it, but don't risk getting on their bad side when you could have just asked.



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