Custom Presentation Folder Printing

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What are the major choices in presentation folder printing?

Custom Presentation Folder Printing

If you want your business proposals to carry your corporate image along with your ideas, you should think about custom presentation folder printing. By customizing your presentation folders you can portray more about your company than just the pages inside. There are many choices in presentation folder printing that should be weighed carefully.

First, what folder type are you selecting? At the heart of any presentation folder printing project is the actual folder that you will be using. Different types such as ring binders and single fold options are available. Choose this based on the dimensions of your proposals and your budgetary constraints.

Also, what type of printing do you want? This is often the choice between printing or imprinting. Presentation folder printing is often done through embossing or other impression printing methods. These can either raise or lower the print rather than simple applying it to the paper. This special type of printing can be more expensive, but can also look more professional.

These are the two primary choices to make in custom presentation folder printing. After these, it is all down to design and preference. Think about these choices carefully as they make up the heart of your project.



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