Your Copy is Important to Your Post Card Printing Efforts

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What is effective copy to use in post card printing?

Your Copy is Important to Your Post Card Printing Efforts

Post cards, for the most part, are what we all call ‘impulse buys'. You see a funny one at a tourist stop or a touching one in a store and buy it, not really knowing when, or to who you will send it. What makes people buy the post cards that they buy on such impulse? The copy that was created in the post card printing process is often a large factor.

Whether humorous, emotional, poignant, or even tear-jerking, the copy that is written before post card printing even begins usually makes or breaks an idea for a post card. If your copy can make a person think, for even one second, about something that makes then laugh, cry or any emotion in between, there is a better chance that person will purchase the card.

If you are in post card printing, remember, your copy can hold the key to your success. Take time to script it well and it will pay dividends in the end.



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