Post Card Printing - Size Does Matter

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Can I get different sizes with post card printing?

Post Card Printing - Size Does Matter

For many reasons, size makes a big difference in post card printing and sales. When it comes to printing, the size of the card you choose will alter your pricing. Traditionally, the extra cost is passed on to the consumer by increasing the end price for the finished post card. Sales of these larger or much smaller post cards have yet to slow so the demand is definitely there. But why?

Some people who buy and send post cards to the friends and family like to make their card stand out in the mailbox. By getting larger cards in post card printing, you are providing these people with a means to do that. In a mailbox full of standard size envelopes, your oversized card is sure to draw attention.

If you provide post card printing services to clients or print your own themed-post cards think about offering a wider variety of sizes to your customers. You may find that they sell even better than the standard sizes.



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