Bulk Post Card Printing - Choices that Affect Price

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What will affect the price of my bulk post card printing order?

Bulk Post Card Printing - Choices that Affect Price

Post card printing is not much different than other forms of professional printing services. When it comes to what choices will affect your price, they are not much different either. Here are a few things to take into account when ordering bulk post card printing.

• Size – What size card will you print on? The standard size postcard is fairly universal, but there are variations in shape as well as size that if you go crazy with, will certainly affect your project costs.

• Color – Post card printing is typically in single color, two-color, or full color printing. Pricing goes up, typically, with the more colors you use. If you are trying to stay in a tight budget, try to make the most out of the fewest colors you can.

• Postage – Do you want to provide pre-paid postage on your post cards? Many post card printing services can provide you with this and, if you choose their help, you can expect the price to increase by the amount of the postage, per card.

These are just a few of the factors that can influence the pricing of your post card printing order. Be sure to ask about bulk discounts as many printing companies have these to offer.



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