Online Newsletter Printing

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Should I employ newsletter printing for my website?

Online Newsletter Printing

Nothing is better for business than cheap, effective marketing. Or so you thought. How about free, effective marketing? If you have a website and are not using newsletter printing as a means to keep in touch with your users, you are missing out.

A website newsletter costs your business only a slight cost to build the mechanism. A simple newsletter printing solution is to just use email programs like Outlook. If your site sells products or collects information from your users, chances are you already have the email addresses that would make for a very effective newsletter distribution effort. Here is a great test to try out your first time.

If you are a merchant, create a special that exists on a page of your website that can only be arrived at by a link in the newsletter. This page should contain products that are exclusive to the newsletter in pricing or another factor. Then, send out a newsletter to all of your contacts promoting these prices or products. Your newsletter printing efforts will be easily tracked by any sales made from that page. As it can only be reached through the newsletter, all sales can be attributed to the project.



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