Color Printing Set As Your Default? Save Your Ink

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Should I set my default print option for color printing?

Color Printing Set As Your Default? Save Your Ink

Do you do a lot of printing from your home computer? If so, you know how expensive ink can be. There are ways to cut down on how often you need to refresh your supply, and switching your default print setting off of color printing is a great way to start.

The ‘default print setting' in your word processing programs, or directly on your printer, is a set of parameters with which your printer will perform jobs. Most times, when you first install a printer or now program, color printing is the option that the manufacturer sets as the initial, or default, setting.

Most print jobs do not require color. For most documents, black and white will do. Your printer will print according to the settings, so if you don't want to waste your color printing cartridge, be sure to select black and white before you start your print.

Nothing eats through printer ink like unnecessary color printing. Even if what you are printing has no colors besides black, your printer will still use your color printing cartridge unless you change the setting. Don't forget next time.



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