Office Use of Color Printing

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Should I restrict color printing in my office?

Office Use of Color Printing

As any office manager or business operator can tell you, printing costs can be a large expense. Too often, workers forget that the printer is meant for, and paid for by, office work. One way to better control your printing costs is to restrict color printing abilities from certain employees.

Many employees certainly need color printing for sales proposals, design specs, and the like. However, many do not need color printing for their official work, and if they ever use it is for personal. Restricting color printing is easy with any networked printing system. If you have a network administrator who handles this type of issue, consult with them about instituting more control over who can use color printing and who cannot.

This small effort may end up saving you from unnecessary color printing, which leads to less purchasing of ink or toner. Don't waste where you could be saving.



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