Factors in Greeting Card Printing Pricing

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What are the costs involved with greeting card printing?

Factors in Greeting Card Printing Pricing

There are many factors that will influence the price of greeting card printing. Before you decide to order some of your own, you should familiarize yourself with what these factors are.

First, the materials you choose will affect the price. There are more weights of paper available today than I could list, and greeting card printing is not even exclusive to paper anymore. Thin plastics can even be used and make for a little more expensive purchase. Choose your materials knowing that prices will vary based on your choice.

Second, the greeting card printing method will influence your costs. Will you use digital transfer or screenprinting? Ink or laser? Each method is different and carries different amounts of labor and, in the end, cost. Don't be surprised when you see how much this factor will come into play when it comes to price.

Last, and most obvious, is quantity. If you are simply making cards for yourself (we all wish we could avoid stooping at the store to buy them at the last second), than your small quantity will make for a lower overall cost. However, smaller quantities often cost more per unit than bulk numbers in greeting card printing. If you are looking for a larger amount of prints, make sure to ask for a discount based on the number. Often, you will save a bunch right there.

Remember all of these factors if you are thinking of greeting card printing as a hobby or business. Without careful attention, they can quickly spiral out of control.



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