Greeting Card Printing - Single, Bi-Fold, or Tri-Fold?

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What is the best format for greeting card printing?

Greeting Card Printing - Single, Bi-Fold, or Tri-Fold?

There are many styles of greeting cards and many methods of greeting card printing. Among the most basic of choices is the format of your card. There are three main options for the format of greeting cards. These can come in many variations of shape and size, but in the end, they are the most basic decision.

• Single Page – These most closely resemble postcards. There is no fold to open, rather, the message, portion of the card is on the back. These are great for ‘one-liners' or simple messages of love or sympathy.

• Bi-Fold – The most common form of greeting card printing, bi-fold cards have a front page, which opens to reveal the last part of the card. These are common for messages that are anecdotal or ‘punch-line' jokes.

• Tri-Fold – Tri-fold greeting card printing takes the form of a top page, which opens to a second page, which, in turn, opens to a third. These are most commonly used for longer messages, sometimes even to quote Bible verse. These cards can often say just the right thing, but leave little room for conveying personal feelings.

If you are looking into greeting card printing on your own, choose whether you will offer one, two, or all three types of cards. It will make a difference in your start-up costs and in the selection you can provide to your customers.



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