Making Custom Greeting Cards - The Glues to Use

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What type of glue is best for making custom greeting cards?

Making Custom Greeting Cards - The Glues to Use

When it comes to making custom greeting cards, not all glues are made equal. There are different options based on what materials you are using. Whether you use construction paper, lace, or even little gems, you should use the right glue for the job. You don't want your thoughtful card falling apart before they open the gift.

Most custom greeting cards have construction paper, or other textured papers as their base. With these types of materials, stay away from adhesives that are runny or loose. Using a heavier paste will prove the most durable when working with grain or texture.

If you like using lace or other types of fabrics on your custom greeting cards, look into fabric glues. Many adhesives are made for the specific purpose of working with fabric and will certainly lengthen the lifespan of your finished card.

Plastic gems are also great ways to accessorize your custom greeting card. If you want to try this one on for size, I recommend using a hot glue gun whenever possible. Because the plastic is a smooth on a hard surface, you need to create a solid bond. Hot glue gins will make your gems stick like, well… glue.

Custom greeting cards are a fun project that can also save you money. Just make sure you are working with the right materials before you get started.



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