Printing Custom Greeting Cards at Home

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Can I print custom greeting cards from my computer?

Printing Custom Greeting Cards at Home

I know that when I give a gift I like to stand out from the pack. If you have the same feeling, you may want to try taping a custom greeting card to your next gift. Custom greeting cards show that you took a little extra time and they are easy to do from your home computer.

Let's say you have a close friend's birthday coming up. Do the two of you have a favorite movie or song? If so, pick the funniest or favorite line or lyric and there is your card right there. Simply load your word processing program that is on your computer. Search for a template that is suited for the card that you want to print. Custom greeting card templates are also available on the Internet with a little searching.

Once you have designed your custom greeting card, pick out the paper that you want as the base of your card. Construction paper works with most home printers, so you have a wide range of colors and textures at your disposal. Print out the base of your card and then accessorize. You can use everything from a pair of scissors to glitter to further customize the card. In the end, your gift is certain to stand out from the rest.



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