Making Money With Custom Greeting Cards

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How can I make some extra money with my arts & crafts?

Making Money With Custom Greeting Cards

If I told you that you could make extra money with some construction paper, a little glue, and your printer, what would you say? Most people would ask where to sign up. If you are the arts & crafts type and are looking for a little extra cash, try making your own custom greeting cards.

My wife was looking for a side project a few years ago and decided to make some custom greeting cards just to pass out for ourselves. When she gave out the first one, the response was amazing. She thought there may be more interest in her custom greeting cards, so she went to a local stationery store. To her surprise, it was easy to get them displayed for sale in the shop.

Now, she hasn't amassed a fortune, or even been able to leave her regular job. However, many a dinners and nights on the town have been paid for by those custom greeting cards. Give it a shot for yourself. If you are crafty and have the spare time, there is no reason you can't do the same thing.



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